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Herning is for many an undiscovered city. You have probably heard of Herning in the media or been to a concert in Jyske Bank Boxen, but have you experienced the city? If not, invite your partner on a weekend stay in Herning and experience the city up close.

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Cykeltur ved Herningsholm

Rent bikes

Photo: Jannie Nyegaard

Get around the city

After check-in at the hotel you can get around the city on foot, with city buses, trains and taxis. It is also possible to rent bikes from Henning Jørgensen Cykler and get wind in your hair while you whiz away in the streets of Herning. This is definitely recommended.

The White City

Photo: Herning Kommune

Experience art in Birk

Start your stay in Birk, where world-class art awaits you. Take a walk into Angligården, the white round building - which was formerly a shirt factory. Angligården's interior courtyard is decorated with a huge frieze by Cobra artist Carl-Henning Pedersen. An impressive work called The Fantasy's Play on the Wheel of Life.

From here you can move past the artwork Allotment, the Sculpture Park, the Geometric Gardens and the large sculpture by Ingvar Cronhammar Elia.
Read more about all the possibilities in Birk here.

Impressive textile history

The textile industry has, like no other industry, shaped Central Jutland - and at the Textile Museum in Vestergade, you can get an insight into an industry that over time has given people clothes on their bodies. Experience a unique story through original objects, colorful illustrations, films and personal, living stories from the people who helped shape the industry. The Textile Museum.

Herning City

Østergade buzzes with life

Photo: Jannie Nyegaard

Rest your legs and enjoy a wonderful breakfast

After the art and culture experience, you probably need something delicious. Indulge your taste buds with a visit to one of Herning's many cafés. Through Østergade and Bredgade (the pedestrian street) there is a large selection of cafés where you can sit outside and enjoy lunch. See cafes.

Shopping in the pedestrian zone and herningCentret

If you love shopping, then Herning is just the city for you. In the pedestrian zone you will find many speciality stores that look forward to showcasing their latest collections and providing you with an enchanting service. At Guldsmeden Facius Eftf. in Østergade you can experience the open workshop and melt your old gold jewelery into new ones.

Do not skip a visit to the city's beautiful library on Tinghuspladsen. You can hardly avoid seeing the large building when you walk across Tinghuspladsen in Østergade. The library exudes a New Yorker atmosphere, and here you can also enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the café.

In herningCentret you can shop in the 80 shops that are waiting for you with both news and good offers. herningCentret is a bright and nice shopping centre with wide corridors, and it has several times been named Denmark's best shopping centre.

DGI Huset Herning (The DGI House Herning)

Wellness in DGI Huset Herning

Photo: DGI Huset Herning

Relaxation and wellness

After a busy day around Herning full of experiences, you can visit DGI Huset Herning and get some relaxation for the body and soul. Here you can relax in Vandkulturhuset's whirlpool, thermal baths, pools and sauna. Maybe book a parma massage and completely turn your mind off.

Dinner for 2

After a relaxing visit to DGI Huset Herning, hunger will probably show up soon and you now have the task of selecting the evening's restaurant. Herning offers a large selection of good restaurants, where quality and atmosphere are pride of place. Try for instance a visit to Bryggeriet, where you can drink the house's own beer and enjoy it with a tender piece of beef, sliced at the table.

Evening entertainment

Are you up for experiencing even more in Herning, then visit the city's modern cinema and enjoy a premiere movie in the soft chairs, with hot, crispy popcorn and an ice-cold Cola. You can also stop by Herning Bowlingcenter and compete about who is the best at bowling. A fun game where most people can join.


Photo: Theis Poulsen


In Herning, there are hundreds of concerts and events all year round at the city's many venues. Fermaten is an intimate venue with room for 700 standing guests. Many good concerts are played here and the place is run by few permanent employees and many volunteers.

The big names can be experienced in Jyske Bank Boxen, where international stars such as Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Adele, Pink, Ariana Grande and others have given concerts.

See concerts and events in Herning

Later in the evening

After the concert, you can either take a look at Herning's nightlife or go back to the hotel room and relax with a good movie.

In Herning, you will find many bars in Østergade, where you can sit down both outside and inside with a good drink or a cold specialty beer. Visit Fox & Hounds, which has a large selection of drinks, gin, whiskey, specialty beers, etc. Here there is live music every Friday and Saturday all year round and great opportunity to dance.

Herning has many good hotels and several are close to the center, so you are never far from the city.

We hope you will stop by our beautiful area.

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