Sørvad Fodboldgolf (Soervad Soccer Golf)
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In Herning and Ikast-Brande, there are plenty of opportunities to get active, either on your own or with the whole family. Go on an unforgettable canoe trip in Storå from Herning to Holstebro, rent a bike or get out your golf gear and visit the area’s fantastic golf courses.



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Adrenaline rush – yes please!

If you want to cross something off your bucket list, then why not try skydiving in Herning. Dropzone Denmark will guide you every step of the way on the wildest adventure of your life. Or, how about seeing Herning from above? Go on a flight with Stephan Erlandsen, who is the pilot behind Herning Helicopters.

Go flying with Herning Helicopters

Herning Helicopters offers helicopter rides, private airplanes and air taxis across the country and is based by Herning airport. Whether there are businesspeople, pop stars or tourists in the passenger seat, for Erlandsen it is just about providing a great experience.

Go skydiving with Dropzone Denmark

Feel the rush and have the adventure of your life, when you skydive with Dropzone Denmark. Feel the excitement of a free fall from 4,000 or 6,000 metres, and feel how it rocks your body when the parachute unfolds around 1,500 metres up.

Even when your head’s in the clouds, you have to stay grounded

Photo: Stefan Steinn

Stephan Erlandsen greets you in a pilot shirt and classic Ray-Ban sunglasses. The ones pilots wear in films. It is not just for show either, because Stephan Erlandsen is in fact a pilot. He has his own company, built from a dream. He has been running Herning Helicopters since the spring of 2017, only stopping to take two weekends off and three days of summer vacation in that entire time. “I simply cannot get enough, This year…..pheeew”, he says – and shows us around the base in Skinderholmvej, where his neighbour is Herning Airports and the skydive centre Drop Zone.

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Leave your phone in your room. Get out and discover the city and all that nature has to offer! Herning has so many cool activities you can enjoy with friends and colleagues, or on your own.

Lace up your running shoes

Enjoy the great outdoors in the Northern part of the city, where there is a 3-kilometre walking or running route around Fuglsang sø lake. Many locals end their trip with a swim, both in summer and winter. You can also go on a trip around the Løvbakke Dyrehave animal park, which is close to the city of Herning. Or, in Knudmosen, between the city centre and MCH Messecenter Herning, there are eight routes to choose from, all located in beautiful countryside. The purple route gives you a wonderful view of Herning from Knudmosebjerget hill.

On two wheels

Jump on your bike and race off around Alhedestien between Herning and Viborg. The old cycle path takes you through the expansive flats of the Jutlandic countryside. Make a stop at Sunds lake, see the sculpture park in Birk and enjoy the sight of the dramatic slopes by Dollerup Bakker that were forged during the Ice Age. If you would rather go on a mountain bike, then the forest Sinding Plantage offers an easy 4.6-kilometre route with some technical elements. Need a bike? Then Henning Jørgensens bikes in Tjørring can help you, whether you want to buy or rent.

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Football golf

There are plenty of fun activities on offer in Sørvad and Sunds. Why not challenge yourself to a game of football golf, it’s fun for all ages. There are plenty of other options on offer too, so just put on your trainers and join us for some fresh air.

Locked-Escape Room

Time is ticking at Locked-Escape Room, will you solve the mystery and make it out of the locked room in time? If you love crime novels or detective shows, then put those little grey cells to the test and have fun while you do it.

Herning Go-kart Centre

Do you feel the need, the need for speed? Then Herning Go-Kart is the place to go to satisfy that craving. Race your friends and see who ends up at the top of the podium.