Sørvad Fodboldgolf (Soervad Soccer Golf)
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Be active with family and friends. Try a canoe trip from Herning to Holstebro, rent a bike or get your golfing gear out and try one of the beautiful golf courses in our area. 



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Adrenaline rush - yes please!

Is it about time to try something on your bucket list, then you should try skydiving in Herning. Dropzone Denmark will help you all the way through your most nerve-racking experience of your life. Or what about seeing Herning and Ikast-Brande from above. Fly with Stephan Erlandsen, the pilot behind Herning Helicopters. 

Fly with Herning Helicopters

Herning Helicopters offer helicopter flights all over the country - your destination is their destination. The helicopter ensures that you will always arrive quickly, easily and safely.

Try skydiving with Dropzone Denmark

Feel the rush and have the experience of a lifetime, when you go skydiving with Dropzone Denmark. Enjoy the thrill of a free fall from 4,000 or 6,000 metres, and feel how the parachute yanks your body, when it unfolds around 1,500 metres in the air.

Stephan Erlandsen greets you in a pilot shirt and classic Ray-Ban sunglasses. The ones pilots wear in films. It is not just for show either, because Stephan Erlandsen is in fact a pilot. He has his own company, built from a dream. He has been running Herning Helicopters since the spring of 2017, only stopping to take two weekends off and three days of summer vacation in that entire time. “I simply cannot get enough, This year…..pheeew”, he says – and shows us around the base in Skinderholmvej, where his neighbour is Herning Airports and the skydive centre Drop Zone.

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Visit the largest aqua dome in Northern Europe

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Leave your phone in your room. Get out and about; feel the city and nature! Herning offers many cool activities that you can do with friends, colleagues or on your own.

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Try football golf - an outdoor activity for everybody.

Locked - Escape Room

The concept is simple; You and your group gets locked inside a room! It is now your task to work together to find clues and solve puzzles in the process of escaping the room.

Herning Gokartcenter

Herning Go-kart Centre is an indoor go-kart centre. The centre arranges various types of races with up to 8 go-karts at a time.