herningCentret (Herning shopping centre)


Photo: Stefan Steinn

When you get the urge to hit the shops, Herning and Ikast-Brande have everything you need. The dedicated city associations in the area plan events on an ongoing basis, such as concerts and Black Friday, where you can find many great offers and make your shopping experience even better.

Commercial life with a touch of optimism

If we are to believe the picture being painted by the media, the threats to trade in physical stores are many. But that is not the case in Herning, where a sense of optimism and business is flourishing.

Shopping overview

You’ll find many wonderful shops with great service in Herning and Ikast-Brande. Find more info here about the featured shops in the area and remember that parking in Herning and Ikast-Brande is free.

Shopping in the cities


Photo: Vores Ikast

In Ikast, you can visit Strøgcentret, which is Denmark’s only covered high street. Here you can find more than 35 speciality shops, free parking and activities all year around. Strøgcentret is decorated with glass mosaics and is named after the winds from the four corners of the world.


Photo: VisitHerning

Shop until you drop in Brande’s exciting, new speciality shops. The city square and its streets have been beautifully restored and you will see fantastic murals and street art as you wander round, which really gives the city a unique gallery atmosphere.

Herning City

Photo: Stefan Steinn

In the area around Østergade, Bredgade and Fonnesbechsgade in the centre of Herning, you’ll find a wide selection in the more than 150 stores and exciting speciality shops.

Herning Centret

Photo: Stefan Steinn

Herning Centret welcomes you; with 80 shops, 10 restaurants, 2 changing rooms, 1 playroom, 1305 free parking spaces, and 100% free Wi-Fi. At the centre, you can shop regardless of the unpredictable Danish weather.

Put your feet up at the end of your workday

Photo: Stefan Steinn

Located centrally on Herning high street, the library offers a buzzing atmosphere and a well-brewed cup of coffee.

Grab your laptop and work at the library in inspiring and award-winning surroundings with a quiet area and the possibility to work in groups.

Immerse yourself in a good book or magazine, as you watch the people buzzing around. The building was only recently transformed from a warehouse into a modern meeting place in the city centre. It holds lectures and events on an ongoing basis.