Tekstilmuseet (Textile museum), Herning
Watch the old machines come alive

Explore the Textile Museum on Vestergade

Tekstilmuseet (Textile museum), Herning

Things to do

In Central Jutland we have many great experiences just waiting for you.

Welcome to the world of art

Herning and Ikast-Brande is known for its great love for art. Street Art Festival is held every year in Brande and attracts thousands of curious people. It is a great event, and people come back every year to see what the artist come up with this time.  

Art for kids

Under the open sky in Døvling Meldgaard Skov (forest), you will find Skovsnogen - Deep Forest Artland. Experience art in nature, explore the weird, beautiful, dark and funny art pieces.

The Geometrical Gardens

The Geometrical Gardens planned by the garden architect professor C. Th. Sørensen, as the rest of the museum area in Birk Centerpark.

Carl-Henning Pedersen & Else Alfelts Museum

Carl-Henning Pedersen & Else Alfelts Museum was opened in September 1976 and it was extended with a extension in 1993. With its 4000 works made by the...

HEART - Herning Museum of Contemporary Art

HEART - Herning Museum of Contemporary Art has come as a borderland between art and profession and is driven forward by the countryknown shirt manufac...

The Sculpture Park

The Sculpture Park was planned by the landscape gardener C. Th. Sørensen, which is one of the leading landscape gardeners in Denmark. There is a bust ...

Experiences for the whole family

Funny, exciting and educational for both young and old 

Go on a trip - together

There is something special about experiencing new places together with other people. When we are together the experience becomes more memorable. 

The White City in the open air
Should your trip contain a little of everything? Then go to Birk. Here you will meet a world og beautiful buildings, works of art and landscapes. Birk City was originally a collection of farms, but today it is an internationally known area where art, architecture, landscape, education and business are combined in a beautiful interaction. 

Between the white buildings you find parks with a beautiful plantation, paths and water basins. In The Sculpture Park, which is a big circular museum, you can see spectacular works of art in the open air. You can also discover The Geometrical Gardens - a maze with new spaces and shapes around each hedge. Visit Angligården and experience the impressive frieze of Carl-Henning Pedersen or enjoy the view from the top of Elia, who with its colossal size of 60 meters in diameter and 32 meters in height to the pillars, invites to be climbed, admired and empowered.

Guided tours

Go on a guided tour in Herning and Ikast-Brande. On a tour you will get answers to most of your questions - and probably also an amusing anecdote or two. Most tours can be adjusted to your wishes and needs.

At VisitHerning you can get good advice for exciting tour suggestions. 

For payment we can also help you with: 
- Composition of the tour
- Contact with sights and attractions 
- Overview of the planned activities and tours
- Help with transportation, provisioning and accommodation. 

Call us on 9627 222 or send an email to  mail@visitherning.com

Do you dare?

Are you looking for wild experiences? Then stop by Dropzone Denmark at Herning Flyveplads, where you can jump off a plane. Feel the excitement in your body as the parachute unfolds at a height of 1,500 meters.

"I don't think you can be more in the moment than when you hang there. It's amazing! Your feelings go from fear to happiness in a few seconds. It is simply the most wild experience to make a parachute jump!"

Salmon fever at Skjern Å

How about catching a big salmon? A salmon with a weight of 20 kg.? It almost sounds too good to be truth, but that's exactly what you might be lucky to experience when fishing in Skjern Å (Skjern River).