Great nature

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Enjoy the great nature and experience beautiful scenery, harmony and piece. 

Parks and gardens

Swimming lakes

Natural areas

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Vantage points

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Stop by one of the beautiful vantage points and get a great view

Trehøje Bakke

With it's humble 102 meters, this hill serves as a good point on the flat moor for an impressive view over one of the few large areas of moorland stil...

Søby Brunkulsmuseum (Brown Coal Museum)

Søby Brown Coal Museum opened on June 22th, 1977. The museum shows the working- and everyday life for the 10.000 workers, who worked in Søby Brown Coa...

Places to enjoy your packed lunch

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Would you like to enjoy your packed lunch in beautifuld surroundings and under cover? Visit on of the roofed places with benches and tables: 

Løvbakke Dyrehave (Løvbakke Animal Park)

In the 53 hectares’ animal park just outside of the town of Herning there are 50 fallow deer. You can visit the animals and enjoy the beautiful nature...

Præstbjerg Naturcenter

The nature surrounding Præstbjerg Naturcenter is magnificent. Here you will see backed heath areas, oak scrub, beautiful vantage points, small forests...

Hastrup Lake and Plantation

Hastrup Lake and Plantation are located between the Ridge of Jutland and the bogs to the west. It is a beautiful forest area, which offers an abundanc...


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