Cycling routes

Photo: Nicolas Jægergaard

Go on a bike ride through Herning and Ikast-Brande and experience nature up close. Find inspiration for your next bike ride, whether you are looking for a real workout or you’re just going for a fun ride with the family.

Beautiful nature routes


Approx 17 km.


Approx 12 km.


Approx 20 km.

Den Skæve Bane (The Crooked Railway)

Approx 29 km.

Bjerrely Fishing Lake

Approx 25 km.

Hjortballe Høje and Momhøje

Approx 27 km.

The Brande Track

Approx 18 km.

Rind Church - Skærbæk Lake - Holtbjerg Lake - Sdr. Anlæg

Approx 20 km.

Cycling route 107 in Ikast

Approx 17 km.

The Mørup Stone

Approx 15 km.

Routes for exercisers

Trehøje Bakker

Approx 48 km.

The Ignite Track

Approx 35 km.

Regional route 32: Brande - Horsens

Approx 53 km.


Approx 67 km.

Cultural routes

The Ørre Area

Elia - Den Hvide By - HI-Park

Approx 20 km.

Family-friendly routes

Knudmosen - Rind Church - Skærbæk

7, 13 or 23 km.

The Heart Trail, Brande

Approx 7 km.

The Heart Trail, Nørre Snede

3 or 7 km.

The Trail at Ejstrupholm and Thorlund

3, 4.4 or 11 km.