Art and Culture

Photo: VisitHerning

The entire area exudes art and culture, and many great experiences await you as you explore the art in Central Jutland.



Monuments and sculptures

Gardens and parks


The Murals in Brande

Street Art

Community cultural centres

Welcome to the world of art

Herning and Ikast-Brande are known for their great love of art. In Brande, every year, there is an International Street Art Festival that attracts thousands of visitors. It is a great event which people come back to year after year.

Free public art experiences

Photo: VisitHerning

Go on a trip with your family and friends as you discover art in nature. The area has so much to offer, including sculptures, street art and murals.

Art for children

Under the open sky in a forest in Western Jutland is Skovsnogen - Deep Forest Art land.


In 1968, Brande became known throughout Denmark for its beautiful murals.

International Street Art

International Street Art Festival in Brande is an annual event that attracts many visitors.

Sculptures in Ikast

In Højris Park and Frisenborg Park in Ikast, you’ll find a large collection of Danish sculptures.