Guided tours

Guided tours

Photo: Jannie Nyegaard

Listen closely on your guided tour of Herning and Ikast-Brande. On the tour, you’ll get answers to almost any question you can think of and you’ll probably hear a funny anecdote or two. Most trips can be tailored to your needs and wishes.

Birk - The White City

Photo: Peter Rosbjerg

Book a tour of Birk Centerpark near the Carl-Henning Pedersen & Else Alfelts Museum.

Camilla Zaulich
Tel.: +45 96 28 86 51

Take a trip around Birk and see a fantastic world of beautiful buildings, artworks and landscapes. You can visit HEART, CHPEA, the sculpture park, the geometrical gardens and Elia, and much more.

Museum Midtjylland

Photo: Jannie Nyegaard

Museum Midtjylland offers tours of one of its five museums or city walks around the local areas. See below for a list of the many options available or contact Museum Midtjylland to find out more about what’s on offer.

Go on a city walk in one of Museum Midtjylland’s local areas and get up close and personal with the city’s history and its many fascinating stories, all while stretching your legs in the fresh air. City walks last for around 1½ hours and are for groups of up to 25 people.

Tel.: +45 96 26 19 00

City guides in Brande

Photo: VisitHerning

In Brande you can book a local city guide, who can show you around and tell you all about the mural paintings and interesting places in the city.

Tel.: +45 41 27 37 41
See prices etc. at their website here.

Søby Brown Coal Museum

Photo: Søby Brunkulsmuseum

Book a tour of Søby Brown Coal Museum. 

Tel.: +45 53 37 14 59

Hear about life as a lignite worker and experience the spectacular lignite lakes in the hilly landscape. For about thirty years from the 1940s onwards, the area of Søby housed Denmark’s most dangerous workplace.

Trehøje Nature Park

Photo: VisitHerning

Book your guide, Knud Bunde, for a tour of Trehøje Naturpark

Tel.: +45 97 13 24 50
Mobile: +45 40 35 82 82

The views at Trehøje and the surrounding hills are breath-taking. A heady mixture of flat heath, hills and stunning colours make this impressive landscape something that everyone should experience, at least once in their lives.

Deep Forest Art Land - Skovsnogen

Photo: Louise Hartmann

Take a tour of Deep Forest Art Land - Skovsnogen, and hear Kristina Taaning talk about some of the works and how they came to be. The tour lasts around 2.5 hours but can be adapted to individual needs. 

Tel.: +45 26 62 52 02

In the forest of Deep Forest Art Land - Skovsnogen, you’ll go on a journey of the imagination, where you experience nature in a completely new and different way. Meet the giant beetle, the yellow grass snake and the look-up-bench, among other things. 

Hjemstavnshuset Arnborg

Photo: Hjemstavnshuset Arnborg

Starting out at “Hjemstavnshuset”, several times a year you can go on a mushroom hunt and a trip focusing on spirits distilled from aromatic herbs (“kryddersnaps”). These and other special events take place in the heath orchard, with its large meadows, old duct systems and waters rich in fish.  

Tel.: +45 21 75 28 05

The building was erected in 1890 and was, for a short period of time, a grocery store. Later on, the house was turned into a normal dwelling.  

Photos from guided tours in the area

VisitHerning can organise the trip for you

If you do not have time to plan your trip yourself, then VisitHerning can help. We charge an hourly rate of DKK 650 + VAT.

Among other things, we can help you with:

  • Itinerary for the trip
  • Contacting sights and attractions
  • Transport and accommodation

Contact us at +45 96 27 22 22 or