Skjern Å Lystfiskefestival
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Skjern Å Lystfiskefestival


In Herning and Ikast-Brande you will find beautiful nature, world-class angling for sea trout and salmon as well as hiking on the famous ancient road Hærvejen.


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Nature areas


Hærvejen runs across our area by Engesvang and Stenholt Skov, and by Nørre Snede. Before the arrival of cars and trains, the main road through Jutland ran along the watershed, through the country from the German border to Viborg. At the time, Hærvejen wasn’t just one road, but an entire network of humble gravel and dirt roads.

Hærvejen - the old ancient road

Photo: Ikast-Brande Kommune

Other good hiking spots

176 km and the highest point of Western Jutland. The Rundvandrevejene hiking roads by Trehøje are the longest in Denmark and are well worth the hike. Or, why not experience the beautiful, open landscape of Harrild Heath, where you can spot rare animals and plants that only exist in heath areas. Another fun fact about Harrild Hede is that it sets the scene for the song "Er du dus med himlens fugle". The scene from the film “Vagabonderne på Bakkegården”, where Poul Reichardt walks along the road while singing the old, beautiful song, was shot in the heath of Harrild hede.

Trehøje Trails

The view in Trehøje and the area around Trehøje Hills is breathtaking. The beautiful colours, the variation of flat moor, the hills and the beautiful landscape is a stretch everyone should experience at least once in life.

Præstbjerg Naturcenter

The nature surrounding Præstbjerg Naturcenter is magnificent. Here you will see backed heath areas, oak scrub, beautiful vantage points, small forests and lakes. Close to the nature centre there is a playground, roofed packed lunch house, bonfires with grill, table and benches as well as t...

Løvbakke Dyrehave (Løvbakke Animal Park)

In the 53 hectares’ animal park just outside of the town of Herning there are 50 fallow deer. You can visit the animals and enjoy the beautiful nature from the naturecentre Løvbakke Naturcenter, Løvbakkevej 32, 7400 Herning.


At the level of a Norwegian river.
The area around Herning offers numerous good fishing experiences. As well as the River Skjern, Karup Å and Storåen are also excellent fishing waters. And there’s a reason the streams are so well-visited; the River Skjern is one of the few streams where there is still a stock of the original wild salmon. 
“The salmon in the River Skjern is extremely large. It has a large average weight. And throughout the season, when it’s open for fishing, many shiny fish are caught. Shiny fish are the most sought-after catch for us anglers,” Kenny Frost says, while comparing the River Skjern with the best Norwegian rivers.

Skjern Å (River Skjern)

In the River Skjern, you can catch salmon in one of the world’s leading salmon streams. The salmon in the River Skjern is especially known for its size, which can be over 25 kg.

Karup Å (River Karup)

Karup Å runs through the beautiful river valley and is known for its powerful and large sea trout. Every year, sea trout that weigh more than 10 kg are caught. And that is something which can be said of only a few streams in the world.