International Street Art Festival

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Look forward to the festive days when International Art Festival in Brande will be held June 24th - June 25th, 2023.

The festival attracts around 50,000 expectant people who are looking forward to experience art at the city square in Brande. Behind Street Art is Lions Brande with a lot of volunteers.



Saturday 24 June 2023

At 10.00:
- The festival opens
- The international artists paint in the city center
- Children's Street Art opens
- Danish artists paint at the "North Side Gallery" at RemisenBrande
- Activities, stalls, and shops open

At 11 a.m.:
- Hotel Dalgas holds a vernissage at DIAA's art exhibition "Italian Contemporary Art - generations meet". Everyone is welcome.

At 3.30 p.m.:
- Children's street art ends

At 4 p.m.:
- Activities close for day 1
- There is an opportunity to "hang out", as Street Food stalls, the Lions tent and the city's cafes and eateries are open.
- Exciting events are also held at RemisenBrande. More on this follows.

Sunday 25 June 2023

At 10 a.m.:
- The festival opens
- International artists paint in the city center
- Children's Street Art opens
- Danish artists paint at the "North Side Gallery" v/RemisenBrande
- Activities, stalls, and shops open

At 2 p.m.:
- The works of art in the city center are judged by a professional panel of judges

At 3.30 p.m.:
- Children's Street Art ends

At 4 p.m.:
- Closing ceremony with prize giving

At 5 p.m.:
- Goodbye and thank you for this time

Art forms

The top professional, iternational street artists compete in 3 categories of art:


This art form is highly popular and has in recent years reached new hights. The 3D-paintings fascinate and "trick" the eyes and it looks especially real with 3D-paintings on a flat base. Bring your camera, let yourself be surprised and take home wonderful memories.

Free art

In this category, the artists are given free rein to paint their own motifs which, with their originality, colour intensity and an often surprising composition, creates a very unique expression.

Copy works

Art works in this category are typically copies of famous paintings by great masters as for instance Botticelli, Rubens and Rembrant. You will instinctively be fascinated by the abilities of the artists.

Brande is an art town

Brande has a long tradition of art in public spaces. Since 1968, murals have decorated the town, and in fact, Brande celebrated the 50th anniversary of its murals. Since then, many other spectacular artworks have been added. The town has hosted a number of international art workshops, and beautiful sculptures also adorn the town, like for example “The Eye of Odin” by Bjørn Nørgaard.

Prizes for the best artworks

On Sunday afternoon, the many beautiful works of art will be assessed by a professional judging panel. The judges’ decision will be announced, and prizes are given to the creators of the three chosen artworks.

Every year, the audience also has the opportunity to vote for whoever they think deserves that year’s audience prize.

A strong judging panel

The panel of judges in 2022 will be made up of the following important art professionals:

Painter Leif Sylvester Pedersen

Curator of Art and Education at AROS Kunstmuseum in Aarhus Birgit Pedersen

Art manager at Kunstparkhuset in Ikast Bente Jensen

Street art for children

In 2023, the children can once again participate in their very own Street Art festival.

Every year, talented and creative children rush to the information stall of Lions Brande to join the street art for children. The small artists are given chalk and colors and will get knowledgeable guidance from creative adults.

It costs 25 DKK per child per hour.

Street Food

Look forward to visit the Street Food area on Jernbanegade. Here, you can choose between delicious dishes from different food stalls.

Street Food

Enjoy delicious food from the Street Food area

Photo: Nicolas Jægergaard

Mood pictures from previous years

See you at International Street Art Festival 2023

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