International Street Art Festival

In 2022 the International Street Art Festival will be held in Brande for the 6th time. Behind the festival is Lions, Brande, together with many volunteers. The festival attracts up to 50,000 excited people, who are looking forward to see that year´s artworks in the square in Brande.

Due to the COVID-19 situation is has been decided to postpone the festival to summer 2022.

Street Art as an art form

The succes will now be repeated for the 6th time with another big and even more festive Street Art-festival in Brande. A wide range of top professional, international artists captured the town back in june 2019 to perform their art in the streets of Brande and on the empty house gables. The festival was opened with the unveiling of a new impressive gable painting "Trompe l'oeil" on the 28th of june, 2019. 

Admission to the Street Art Festival in Brande is free. 


Street Art 2019 map

Art forms

The very respected, international street artists taking part in the festival compete within three categories:


This art form is particularly popular and, in the last few years it has reached new heights. 3D painting fascinates and tricks the eye, creating the appearance of deceptively 3D images which are actually on a flat surface. Bring your camera, let yourself be surprised and take home some wonderful memories.

Free art

In this category, the artists are free to paint their own motifs. Their originality, colour intensity and often-surprising colour composition leave a very unique impression.

Copies of artworks

Artworks in this category are typically copies of famous paintings of the great maestros, like for example Botticelli, Rubens and Rembrandt. You will be in awe of the artists’ skill.

This is where they paint

The square, Storegade and by Remisen

Just like in previous years, there was a lot of activity around the town square and in the street of Storegade, where several of the artists painted their artworks. Lions Brande’s information area was also located here for guests to visit, and there were food and drink tents, tourist maps, and much more. By the Remise-building, one of the beautiful old gates has been painted.

New, glorious mural art and MEGA 3D art works

To kick off this year’s Street Art Festival, a new and magnificent Trompe l’oeil artwork was revealed. It will now adorn the town of Brande for many years to come, and it is based on the fascinating 2D effect on a vertical surface that magically tricks the eye, making the image come alive. Once again, this year, a MEGA 3D artwork was conjured up, which was painted by several street artists together just before the festival.

Street food

This year, Storegade was also the setting for a street food area, where guests were offered local, authentic tasting experiences from the professional street food trucks.

Street Art

Brande as an art town

Brande has a long tradition of art in public spaces. Since 1968, murals have decorated the town, in fact last year, Brande celebrated the 50th anniversary of its murals. Since then, many other spectacular artworks have been added. The town has hosted a number of international art workshops, and beautiful sculptures also adorn the town, like for example “The Eye of Odin” by Bjørn Nørgaard. Experience the very unique atmosphere for yourself, or maybe take a guided tour.

Street Art

Prizes for the best artworks

On Sunday afternoon, the many beautiful art works were assessed by a professional panel of judges. The judges’ decision was announced, and prizes were given to the creators of the three chosen artworks.

Every year, the audience also has the opportunity to vote for whoever they think deserves that year’s audience prize.

Street Art

A strong panel of judges

The panel of judges in 2019 was made up of the following important art professionals:

Ingvar Cronhammar
Sculptor in Herning

Birgit Pedersen
Curator of Art and Education at AROS Kunstmuseum in Aarhus

Bente Jensen
Curator at Kunstparkhuset in Ikast

Street Art for children

Once again, the children were also given the opportunity to participate in their very own Street Art festival. It was a huge success and is now a tradition that is here to stay. Two knowledgeable and creative facilitators guided the children, as they tried out street art. The Children’s Street Art festival was very popular, so remember to get your tickets in good time from the information stand in the square, if you too want to get an hours’ training with the fantastic instructors.

Ongoing information regarding the event in 2022 will be updated on this page.