Top 10 for kids

Photo: Allan Trolle

Here you will find a guide to activities for kids in Herning and Ikast-Brande. 

Natural Playgrounds
Go for a walk in scenic landscabes or let the children have fun in one of the many natural playgrounds. Visit for example:
Canoe Trip
A canoe trip is a fun and cosy family activity, where you quietly get trough beautiful nature and experience landscapes and animal life at close range. Go canoeing on:
Put & Take Fishing Lakes
Midtjylland is an eldorado for fishing. Here you can also find many great Put & Take fishing lakes, where you can bring your children. Try your luck in:
Football Golf
Football golf is a popular game for all age ranges. It’s a fun and challenging game, where you simultaneous get the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air. Visit for example:
Art on the children's terms
The area offers something very special, namely art and culture in the public domain. Here you can easily bring you children and give them som cultural experiences. Visit for example:
Baboon City
Bring the entire family and have an extremley funny day at Baboon City - the ultimate biggest indoor amusement center in Denmark. They offer more than 200 fun amusements. Try for example the bouncy castles, big trampolines, radio cars, rodeo pig, tarzan field, gaming machines and much more.
Do you want a fun and active day where everything is going with a swing? Spend a day in Terminalen - The Urban Palace of the North. Here all urban sport activities are compined and you can for example find Denmark’s biggest skatepark, a parkour course, climbing wall and e-sport.
Jyllands Park Zoo
Get close to all the amazing animals in Jyllands Park Zoo. The park offers more than 200 animals just waiting to meet you. Experience for example giraffes, monkies, zebras, fur seals, lions and pinguins. In addition to this the park has a fun fair, boats, good playgrounds and great picnic areas.
Water Worlds
Splash around and have fun in one of our public swimming pools. Here you can find water activities for the whole family. It’s a perfect family activity on a rainy day. You can also visit one of the open-air swimming pools at summer. Visit for example:
Within 40 min drive
Not far from here you can find other amazing attractions that you children will love. Spend for example a day in: