Mountainbike routes

Do you like things to be humming and enjoy the nature? Try one of the mountainbike routes in the area. They offer a combination of single-tracks and a varied ground. 


Mountainbike route in Ejstrupholm

The mountainbike track in Ejstrupholm is new. It opened in June 2017. The track is techincal demanding and challenging for all ages. You can combine it with a stroll in the forest with advantage. 

Mountainbike route in Gludsted Plantation

The mountainbike route in Gludsted Plantation is 19,8 km long and surrounded by forest and high spruce. The route consists of 80% gravel roads and 20% singletrack. It can be accomplished by beginners as well as practised. 

Mountainbike route in Skelhøje Plantation

The mountainbike route in Skelhøje Plantation consists of a blue loop, where it is possible to choose red/black passages. The blue passages can be done by most people, and the red passages offer many jumps, drops and technical ups and downs. 

Sinding MTB track

Mountainbike route in Sinding Plantation

In Sinding Plantation there is a 4,6 km long mountainbike route. The route only consists of a singletrack, who is marked with white arrows. The track is easy to accomplish even though is consists of technical elements and a height difference of 19 meters.  

Mountainbike route in Lind

Along the highway at Lind you will find a 6,5 km long mountainbike track. The track, who is blue, is build in a new public forest. The track consists of all kinds of mountainbike routes from downhill to enduro trails over pumptracks to XC trails and family friendly paths. 

Mountainbike route in Hauntrup Brown Coal Area

In Haunstrup Brown Coal Area there is a 6,8 km long mountainbike route with a techinal challenging singletrack. The route consists of flat areas as well as steep gradients. It is a very beautiful natural area with an amazing view of the lakes that testify to the earlier excavation of Brown Coal. 

Mountainbikerute i Ikast

Mountainbike route in ikast

The mountainbike route in Ikast is 28,5 km long. Even though it is called a mountainbike route it can also be run on a regular bike. The route applies to all ages regardless of your competences on a mountainbike.