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Fishing License and rules

Recreational fisheries and Angling Fishing License

Many people enjoy recreational fishing - especially angling - as sport or just to relax. Approximately 300,000 people engage in recreational fishing activities in Denmark. As a foreigner, you are very welcome to angle in Denmark. In order to do so, you have to buy a fishing license.

Angling includes only the use of light hand tackle. According to national regulations, everyone aged 18 - 65 years, who partakes in angling, must have a fishing license. There are, however, some put-and-take lakes where you do not need the state license. Please ask on location. Please note that if you should catch any fish, you are not allowed to sell them.

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A fishing license costs: 

  • DKK 185 per year
  • DKK 130 per week
  • DKK 40 per day

Only residents and non-residential foreigners working in Denmark are allowed to go hobby fishing using passive fishing tackle such as hook line, net and trap. The price for a hobby fishing license is 300 DKR for a year; the license is also valid for angling. You have to be 12 years old to go hobby fishing; there is no upper age limit.

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When you go fishing, you should bring the license number you get when you buy the license along with your personal ID. If you fish without a fishing license, and you are inspected, you will have to pay a fine of 740 DKR (DKK 1,200 for hobby fishing with passive tackle).

If you have questions about the licenses, or should you lose your license number, you are welcome to call +45 7218 5606.

For more information please visit The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark  

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Fishing License

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Angling waters near Herning

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