Karup Å

Karup Å (River Karup)

Go outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery along Karup Å. It is Denmark’s sixth-largest stream and is currently considered a fertile stream that is best known for its large sea trout. There are many possibilities in Karup Å, and the stream offers all kinds of fishing.

After the Ice Age, when the ice retracted, the river valley and then Karup Å were created. The sea trout now found in Karup Å is the original species that has since found its way to the spawning grounds of Karup Å's main stream and its many inflows.

Karup Å

In Karup Å, you can catch the largest sea trout in Europe. In 2018, Lars Uhre Bruun from Holstebro caught a sea trout weighing 11.2 kg, breaking the magic 10 kg barrier. 

The fishing season in Karup Å runs from 1st March to 31st October.

Read more about how to get started fishing and the rules you need to follow, here.

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