Jul på Vester Palsgaard Skovmuseum
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Christmas in Central Jutland 2019

We are welcoming an amazing time of the year: The cities are decorated with impressive Christmas lights, the shops are ready for Christmas shopping with beautiful decorations and Christmas concerts are held in the churches and culture centres. Find inspiration for the best Christmas experiences in Central Jutland here. 

Christmas concerts and events

Experience the many Christmas events and get into the Christmas spirit. 

See more Christmas events
Christmas offers many great Christmas concerts and events in both churches and culture centres.

Christmas in Herning

Christmas is coming and Herning offers the best Christmas experiences for great and small. Be there when they turn on the Christmas lights in the city center on November 15th at 16.00, shop Christmas presents in the city's many shops or enjoy a well-deserved break in one of the cafés. 

Christmas in herningCentret

herningCentret loves Christmas and offers an abundance of Christmas activities. Meet Santa Claus, join the Christmas workshop, marzipan workshop, pixy hat workshop or meet Pyrus himself on December 22.

Christmas in Herning City

Enjoy the Christmas music in Herning City when Nissebanden walks around the shopping street and plays beautiful Christmas music in the days running up to Christmas. The Christmas lights are put on on November 15 at 16.00 and the beautiful Christmas tree lights up on December 1st at 16.00.

The big Christmas tree lights up in Herning City square on December 1st at 16.00.

Photo: Herning City

Øster Skovgård Julehandel

4 km west of Herning you will find Øster Skovgård Julehandel, who welcomes you to a giant Christmas store, where you can find everything for Christmas. Furthermore, you can cut down your own Christmas tree, enjoy some Danish Christmas treats in Kaffeladen, greet the pixy Baloo or take a walk with the family in the beautiful pixy path. 

Find everything you need for Christmas

Photo: Øster Skovgård Julehandel

Experience the pixy path

Take a stroll through the 600 meter long pixy path and meet pixy caves, pixies, Santa Claus, raindeer and sledge. Have fun with the different play equipment on the path.

Cut your own Christmas tree

It a possible to buy a Christmas tree that has been cut down or take a walk in the forest and cut down your own Christmas tree. There is a big selection of Normann and Norway Spruce.

Christmas shop and café

In the Christmas shop you can find everything for Christmas; candles, pixies, Christmas baubles and much more. In the café, Kaffeladen, you can enjoy some Danish Christmas specialities.

Christmas in Brande

Stop by the big Christmas fair in Brande and get in the Christmas mood. Buy the city's kids ticket for only 50 kr, and let the kids pick up sponsor gifts in December. Be there when the Christmas tree lights up on November 22 at 16.30. 

Christmas Fair

On November 17, 2019 at 9.00 - 16.00 in Remisen Brande.

Kids Ticket

Buy the Kids Ticket and let the kids pick up sponsor gifts in December.

Christmas at the town square

Join Christmas at the town square in Brande and experience Santa Claus, who arrives with the train at 11.00. The Christmas train runs until 14.00.

Christmas in Ikast

The yearly lighting of the Christmas tree will take place on the town square in Ikast on November 29, 2019. The choir, Den Totale Dekadence, will sing beautiful Christmas songs and create a Christmas spirit. The mayor will light up the Christmas tree at 16.30. There will be candy for the kids at free coffee for the adults.   

The Christmas tree in Ikast will light up on November 29, 2019 at 16.00.

Photo: Vores Ikast

Christmas at the museums

The museums of Central Jutland turn on the Christmas spirit with Christmas workshops, Christmas concerts, Christmas market and much more. 

Christmas at Vester Palsgård Skovmuseum

Photo: Museum Midtjylland

Join the Christmas spirit in the old residence of a forester on December 7 - 8 at 10.00 - 16.00. There are free activities for the kids. For example they can make their own Christmas decorations. 

Christmas at The Old Fabric

On Saturday, November 16 at 11.00 - 15.30 The Textile Museum invites to a Christmas workshop. Here kids as well as adults can make their own Christmas presents, which are both personal and with a historical stamp.

Christmas at Klosterlund Museum

On Saturday and Sundag, November 24 - 25 at 10.00 - 16.00 you can join the Christmas spirit at Klosterlund Museum. Bake your own pepper cookies or build your own pixy out of wood.

Christmas at Jens Nielsens Farm

On Saturday, November 30 at 11.00 - 16.00 Frilandsmuseet takes you back in history and celebrates Christmas as in former times. Experience the Christmas present workshop or help wake up the famous pixies of Mette Mode.

Christmas concert at Herningsholm Museum

On Monday, December 2nd at 19.30 you can experience the Christmas concert of the year at Herningsholm Museum and enjoy the tones of Christmas as well as a great sing-along. Bring your family and friends.