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5 outdoor experiences

Photo: Nicolas Jægergaard

In our destination, we offer a wide range of outdoor activities. We have gathered the 5 major outdoor activities for you. Below, you can click on the activity you want to learn more about. You will find directions, addresses and more.



Photo: Nicolas Jægergaard

“Hærvejen” (The Ancient Road) 

Before cars and trains took centre stage, Jutland's main road followed the watershed up through the country, from the German border to Viborg. This was not just a single road, but rather a complex network of roads that together formed what we know today as Hærvejen, The Ancient Road. Explore some of the many trails - either by bike or on foot - along the 250km long Hærvej and the Jutland ridge that was created around 15,000 years ago.



Photo: Maria Funk Hansen

Running routes

In Herning and Ikast-Brande, there are many mapped running routes stretching all over the area. We have routes of varying distances and locations; so, whether you want to run along a lake, through the woods or in the city centre, we have the perfect route for you. Whether you're an experienced runner or prefer shorter runs, there's a running route to suit your needs.

Mountainbike i Lind


Photo: VisitHerning

MTB routes

Explore our mountain bike routes and try the Houlberg trail near Brande, where you can challenge yourself with an “On Trail” approved course. The trail offers blue, red, and black routes as well as a training area for technique exercises. Brande is just one of many places in the area that offers mountain biking routes. You can also visit Ejstrupholm, Gludsted Plantage, Sinding Plantage, Lind, and many others, where there are routes for everyone.

Ikast Complete


Photo: Ikast Complete

Ikast Complete

Do you want to try out some modern sports facilities? Visit Ikast Complete, a multifunctional sports facility that promotes movement and the development of sports skills for elite and amateur athletes. Ikast Complete is open to everyone and aims to bridge the gap between ordinary citizens, visitors, the sports world, associations, clubs, and sports programmes.


Photo: Jannie Nyegaard

Brown coal routes

Experience a fascinating hike or bike ride on a 35km stretch between Brande and Søby and step back in time to the 1930s. This is when lignite production began in Søby, where the Danish energy reserve, lignite, lay just 12-15 metres below the Jutland moorland. The route takes you through beautiful moorland and offers an adventurous walk with lots of scenic impressions from the Jutland moors.