Guided tours

Guided tours

Photo: Jannie Nyegaard

Go on a guided tour in Herning and Ikast-Brande. On a tour you will get answers to most of your questions - and probably also an amusing anecdote or two. Most tours can be adjusted to your wishes and needs. 

Birk - The White City

Photo: Peter Rosbjerg

Book a guided tour in Birk - The White City at Carl-Henning Pedersen & Else Alfelts Museum. 

Camilla Zaulich
Tlf.: 96288651

A tour around Birk - The White City is a visit in an amazing world of beautiful buildings, works of art and landscapes. Visit e.g. HEART, CHPEA, The Sculpture Park, The Geometrical Gardens and Elia. 

Museum Midtjylland

Photo: Jannie Nyegaard

At Museum Midtjylland you can book a guided tour in one of the 5 museums or a city walk in one of the local areas. 

On a guided tour you will experience the exhibitions at close hand and make more of your visit. A city walk brings you close to the history of the city and many autehentic stories. . 

Tlf.: 96261900

Søby Brown Coal Museum

Photo: Søby Brunkulsmuseum

Book a guided tour at Søby Brown Coal Museum. 

Tlf.: 53371459

Hear about the life of a brown coal worker and experience the spectacular brown coal lakes in the hilly landscape. From the 1940s and 30 years onwards the brown coal area in Søby was the most dangerous workplace in Denmark. 

Trehøje Nature Park

Photo: VisitHerning

Book the guide Knud Bunde for a tour in Trehøje Nature Park. 

Tlf.: 97132450
Mobile: 40358282

The view around the hills in Trehøje is breathtaking. A variation of flat moor, hills, beautiful colours and impressive landscape. Its an area everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. 

Skovsnogen - Deep Forest Artland

Photo: Louise Hartmann

Get a guided tour in Skovsnogen, where Kristina Taaning tells the story of selected pieces of art. The guided tour takes approx 2,5 hours, but can be adjusted to individual needs. 

Tlf.: 26625202

In Skovsnogen you will go on a jurney of imagination, where you can experience nature in a new and different way. Meet e.g. the giant beetle and the yellow grass snake.  

Hjemstavnshuset Arnborg

Photo: Hjemstavnshuset Arnborg

Several times a year you can go on mushroom hunt, hurb hunt and other specific arrangements in the plantation, which besides big areas of meadow offers old channels and streams suitable for fishing. 

Tlf.: 21752805

The building from 1890 was for a short period of time a grocery store, but today the building is used for ordinary habitation. 

Pictures from guided tours in the area

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