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Why Central Jutland

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Herning is a distinct business town and we are experts in hosting both professional arrangements and events. Actually we host more than 700 events on an annual basis. We do this because we are good at it. And we know how to help you succeed. 


Unique settings with business and creativity

For many years businesspeople have influenced Herning and Central Jutland. Herning never rests on the laurels and the city is characterized by the creativity and ambitions that clearly drive the citizens and companies of the city. 

For example, in the city of Birk you find a very special centre for architecture, art, business and education. Side by side you can find modern museums of art, a Utzon-construction, sculptures by Ingvar Cronhammer, Aarhus University Herning and the business park Innovatorium.  

In addition, the greatest business town in Denmark has welcomed both national and international business guests to events in the city's topprofessional congres centre and exhibition centre. Just like the hotels host many professional arrangements on a yearly basis. 


HEART - Herning Museum of Contemporary Art

HEART - Herning Museum of Contemporary Art  has come as a borderland between art and profession and is driven forward by the country known shirt manuf...

Carl-Henning Pedersen & Else Alfelts Museum

Carl-Henning Pedersen & Else Alfelts Museum was opened in September 1976 and it was extended with an extension in 1993. With its 4000 works made by th...


Elia is a big sculpture in Herning Cronhammers giant skulpture, ELIA is a mark of the new millenium. But the sculpturer is also a manifest of the wil...

The Murals in Brande

In 1968, Brande became world-famous in Denmark due to a couple of innovative residents, who initiated the painting of 23 giant, colourful murals all o...


Hærvejen is an ancient road through Central Jutland that once was used to drive cattles from Jutland to the German region of Schleswig-Holstein. Today...

Tekstilmuseet (The Textile Museum)

The textile industry has shaped Central Jutland like no other, and it continues to do so to this day. At Tekstilmuseet, people of all ages can experie...

Baboon City

Take the whole family for a fun day at Baboon City, Denmark’s biggest all-year amusement park.

Søby Brunkulsmuseum (Brown Coal Museum)

Søby Brown Coal Museum opened on June 22th, 1977. The museum shows the working- and everyday life for the 10.000 workers, who worked in Søby Brown Coa...

Business Destination Herning

When we go on business trips we want to experience the place we visit. The companies that have visitors want to show their guests their part of the world and the cities want to optimize the potential business of tourist visits. 

The international marked of business events has many facets. Bigger cities are often attractive for international knowledge-konferences, smaller cities with beautiful nature are attractive for smaller meetings and exhibition centres arises in close relation to the occupational strenghts that are negotiated and displayed at the exhibitions. 

Herning belongs the last-mentioned type of business destination. In addition, many of the larger danish production companies are located near Herning. Therefore, they attract many international and national guests to their companies on a yearly basis. 

Over the last 10 years Herning has worked to attract increasing events to the city, which is why Jyske Bank Boxen was constructed. Many of the participants are business guests - officials, athletes, journalists etc. 

In that way, Herning attracts many different types of business guests, who all have very different purposes for visiting. Some have accommodation in Herning and visit companies in adjoining municipalities while others have accomodation in adjoining municipalities to participate in an event, for example a championship, in Herning. 

Open possibilities

The city has the will and professionalism to host the big events and we will be happy to help you find inspiration for your next arrangement, so that you have the possibility to combine your arrangement with the city's many cultural offers. 

Herning can give you experiences for both your heart and brain. 

Besides, Herning kan give you something, that only a few other destinations can offer. Space. Lots of space.

Room for many people at once. Room for your arrangement to spread. For example because the formalia or purpose requires big gesticulations. The combination of Jyske Bank Boxen, the big exhibitions halls, MCH Arena, good outdoor areas and a city filled with private and public players makes it possible the succeed with a whole lot of things when it comes to events. VisitHerning is a good help when you need to find the right locations, suppliers or collaborators. 


Events on a large scale

Herning always offers big events. With Jyske Bank Boxen, Denmark's biggest indoor multiarena, Herning is often the center of international koncerts and sport events. 



Do you need help with all the practial stuff? 

OrgaNicer is your professional collaborator, when you arrange meetings, congresses or conferences. In Herning we work for you so that your goals and expectations can be met. 

Make contact if you need help with for example coordinated accommodation for your guests, transport service, manging of registrations, invoicing, name badges, event app or other tasks concerning your arrangement. 

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