Utzon huset Birk

5 architecture experiences

Photo: Allan Trolle

Architecture is something quite special and the destination is filled with unique architecture. We have gathered 5 of our architectural favorites. Click on the one you want to learn more about and see where you can experience that particular architecture.

HEART museum


Photo: Iwan Baan

HEART - Herning Museum of Contemporary Art

Opened in 2009, HEART was designed by international star architect Steven Holl, and is situated in Birk in the White City. Located opposite Aage Damgaard's former shirt factory Angli, HEART's collection is based on Aage and Bitten Damgaard's art collection and the architecture is therefore inspired by the passionate manufacturer. Seen from above, the building looks like a pile of shirt sleeves, while the surrounding grassy areas resemble arms and legs.

Det skæve hus


© Mads Eg Damgaard
Photo: VisitHerning

The Crooked House

In 1957, Mads Eg Damgaard built 'Det Skæve Hus' or The Crooked House. The aim was to build an administration building, the architecture of which was anything but boring. Architects Jan and Karen Eggen designed the unconventional building, which is meant to attract attention and express courage and boldness.

Herning Bibliotek


Photo: Allan Trolle

Herning Library

In 2014, Herning Library underwent a transformation from an old department store to a modern library. GPP architects undertook the project, and many original features have been preserved from the old building. The raw concrete structure, together with recycled bricks, became the core of the design, which draws attention to the stark contrast between the original and the newly added elements such as steel and wood.

Hjertet Ikast


Photo: Nicolas Jægergaard

The heart of Ikast

C.F. Møller Architects is behind ‘Hjertet i Ikast’ or the heart of Ikast, which is a meeting place for culture and communication. The heart brings together education, activities, community, exercise and play in new ways across age, gender, ethnicity, and activities. The architecture signals openness, warmth, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Utzon tankstation


Photo: VisitHerning

Utzon petrol station

In the heart of Herning, you'll find a petrol station unlike any other. World-renowned architect Jørn Utzon, the architect behind the masterpiece Sydney Opera House, designed this petrol station in 1986. The petrol station is very special and bears a certain resemblance to the fine architectural waves of the Opera House.