Tekstilmuseet (Textile museum), Herning

Visit a factory for children

At Tekstilmuseet – the textile museum, both children and adults will get an insight into an industry that has clothed people across the world. This same industry has also provided an identity to, and helped shape, the region of Central Jutland.

Tekstilmuseet (Textile museum)

Youngsters can get to work at the factory for children, which is like a knowledge playground where you can get to know history inside and out, through play and fun. Get a taste of what it is like to work in a textile factory: clothes have to be made, moved around the different floors and packed in boxes that are to be sent to the station, and shipped out all over the world. You can go for a walk around Wolferiet and experience the Hammerum girl and her red dress, which is approximately 1,800 years old.