Hotels and inns

In Herning we have many great hotels, where you can enjoy your stay in Herning.


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Bed & Breakfast Herning

Bed & Breakfast

In Herning there are many beautiful B & B. This kind of accommodation is often a cheap, you will have more space and can get closer to the local population.


Hostels near Herning


If you want to live good and cheap, you can stay at one of the hostels in or close to Herning

Holiday homes and flats near Herning

Holiday homes and flats

Stay in an apartment or a holiday home in or around Herning. 

Nature camps near Herning

Nature camps

The area in and around Herning offers wonderful nature with many possibilities to spend the night under the open sky. Find information and book a shelter for your next trip here.  

Restaurants and Cafés in Herning

Restaurants and Cafés

Enjoy a glass of red wine and a nice steak at one of the many great restaurants in Herning. It is a good idea to book your table in advance.