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The area in and around Herning offers amazing outdoor experiences. The angling waters at Skjern Å, Karup Å and Storå offers unique possibilities and great experiences for anglers. 

Skjern å laksen

Catch the famous Skjern Å Salmon

Book a fantastic trip, with an introduction to fly fishing, spin fishing and casting techniques, and fishing in Skjern Å.

Canoeing near Herning


Take a trip down Storå from Herning to Holstebro. If you wanna go further you can canoe all the way out to Bur. The whole trip takes 3-4 days and you can sleep in the nature on your way.

Skjern Å

The area around Skjern Å offers unique outdoor experiences and invites you to exciting activities. At Skjern Å, anglers have the unique possibility for catching the famous "Skjern Å-salmon".

Karup Å

Enjoy the amazing nature around Karup Å. Karup Å is the sixths largest lake in Denmark, and is today considered as a rich lake, who first of all is known for its large seatrout.  

Sleeping in the nature

The area in and around Herning offers wonderful nature with a lot of opportunities to sleep in the outdoors. Here you will find an overview of nature camps and shelters in Herning municipality. More information can be found at Herning municipality’s website.

Shelters can be booked at Herning Municipality here. Should you face any problems regarding booking of a shelter, please contact Herning Municipality, Pernille Rohde by phone: +45 9628 8147

Map of shelters in Herning Municipality

Nature camps near Herning

Nature camps

The area in and around Herning offers wonderful nature with many possibilities to spend the night under the open sky. Find information and book a shelter for your next trip here.  

Activity calendar - Naturspot

At Naturspot.nu you can get an overview of the nature activities that are planned in the future in Herning Municipality. 

Book your angling guide here

Are you new to the area, we offer a range of local guides. The local guides are all educated, certified and aware of compliance with applicable rules as well as practicing good fishing ethics.