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Conditions for use of the VisitHerning Explore app

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The following Conditions are valid for the use of the VisitHerning app “VisitHerning Explore”, owned by VisitHerning, tourist association for Herning, Ikast-Brande and the surrounding area, CVR no. 39374218. By using the VisitHerning Explore app, you are accepting the Conditions.

VisitHerning Explore

Please go through the Conditions in detail, before using VisitHerning Explore.


VisitHerning Explore is an app for Android and iOS smartphones, where you can read texts, watch films, listen to stories, do quizzes and use offers.

The app was developed by Makeable.

Geolocation services

When you use the app, you will be asked to turn on GPS navigation. GPS navigation is used by the app to provide you with offers and suggestions for experiences close to your geographical location. If you choose to disconnect the GPS navigation, the app will work based on a location in the centre of Herning. You can always, at a later time, activate or deactivate the GPS navigation in the settings of the app or on your phone.

It is not necessary to create a user profile to use the app. Therefore, no data about your person, such as your name, phone number or the like, is registered or saved. However, you should be aware that if you activate the GPS navigation, you accept that we will use your location when the app is in use.

You are always welcome to contact us to find out which data we have stored about you, and, of course, you also have the right to have any possible data about you deleted. In general, we only use data about you, when you are using the app. But the app will save your activated offers, marked favourites, etc. As soon as you delete the app from your phone, any information about you that is stored and could be used to identify you will be deleted. In order to ensure statistical information for improving the functioning of the app and its content, anonymised statistical data about the use of the app will be stored.


It is only possible to use all offers in the app once. All offers must be used at the specific VisitHerning member organisation on the date they are collected and can only be used once on that particular date. An offer can be cashed in by swiping to the right on the button in the offer description.

An offer is used by showing the employee from the member organisation the collected offer with the date on it. It is not permitted to save the offer, nor is it permitted to use the offer more than once. Once collected, the offer cannot be returned, and will no longer be valid if not used within the terms of the offer.

All offers are available for a limited period of time. The period of time is clearly indicated on the offer page.


Once you have downloaded the app, you have the opportunity to answer quiz questions in the app that are related to the experience that you are visiting.  There are no prizes or other gains connected with the quizzes in the app.  


It is possible to share a link to download the app by clicking the share-button in the right top hand corner of the Home page.


In order to access the app, you will need:

  • A compatible smartphone
  • Internet access
  • A user account with one of the service providers App Store and/or Google Play Store

The following phones and mobile devices are compatible:

  • Apple iPhone® mobile phone with iOS 13.0 or later versions
  • Mobile phone with Android® OS version 4.4 or later versions.

The app is available free of charge to all users. Users themselves are responsible for paying the subscription with their own phone company, costs connected with connection and access to the internet, possible extra fees for the use of data. 

Limitations and Responsibility

Access for and use of the app are the users’ own responsibility. Thus, it is your responsibility to take all the necessary precautions to protect your data and/or the software on your devices (phone, computer) against threats (functional errors, viruses, piracy, etc. This list is not exhaustive).

You should make sure that there is sufficient internet connection for the app to work. VisitHerning is not responsible if the app is not working correctly due to the lack of or weak internet connection. Certain services might not work if there is a poor internet connection.

For the app’s services to work correctly, certain features will need to be activated on the mobile phone (geolocation, network, sound, etc.). If these features are not activated or not available on your phone, certain services will not work in the app. VisitHerning cannot be held responsible for services that do not work.

VisitHerning is not liable for:

  • Cases of misuse, loss, delay or errors in data transmissions that are out of VisitHerning’s control
  • Any type of direct or indirect damage that occurs as a consequence of the lack of abilities to use the app, including any financial or commercial loss and in particular the loss of data in the user’s computer system
  • Any type of direct or indirect damage that occurs as a consequence of the content and/or the use of, or of the lack of abilities to use the websites related to the app, or that the user could have access to via the app 
  • Any type of damage that is caused by the user or devices pertaining to the user, such as the user’s computer and phone equipment and data stored in these devices, or the consequences that might arise concerning the user’s personal, professional or commercial activities
  • Cases where the user, regardless of the reason, cannot gain access to the site, the app and/or services, including cases of maintenance, updates or technical improvements
  • Cases where the connection is disrupted, regardless of the reason
  • Wrong use of the device and/or accidents related to using the device while the app is in use.

Material and intellectual property rights

All rights concerning replication and representation, including for downloaded documents, videos or sound are reserved for VisitHerning. No text, graphics, icons, photographs, plans, logos, videos, sounds, trademarks and, generally, all elements that make up the app can be made the object of a complete or partial representation, replication, exploitation or extraction in any media without the express, prior approval of VisitHerning.

VisitHerning is the owner and/or right holder of all intellectual property rights pertaining to the app and its content. Download of the app does not give the user the right to any of VisitHerning’s intellectual property rights or rights of use.


The experience app VisitHerning Explore was developed via “Project Restart – A Sustainable Restart of Denmark’s Destination for Meetings between People”. The project was financed by VisitHerning, The Danish Board of Business Development, The Municipality of Herning and The Municipality of Ikast-Brande.