Vibholm Guld og Sølv (herningCentret)

Photo: Erling Jørgensen
Vibholm Guld og Sølv is Denmark's leading jewellery chain with 20 shops spread across the whole county. You can also shop at with more than 15,000 different products and comfortably swop in your local Vibholm Guld og Sølv.  

Merkurvej 1e

7400 Herning

Vibholm Guld og Sølv is a Danish family owned jewellery chain. At Vibholm Guld og Sølv you will find modern jewellery brands like Pernile Corydon and Maanesten and classic diamond jewellery as well as timeless jewellery from Georg Jensen and much more. Vibholm Guld og Sølv also sell a wide selection of watches. You will find Daniel Wellington, Jaguar, Skagen and many more. 

At Vibholm Guld og Sølv you will always get free shipping at www.vibholm.dkas well as 30 days full right to exchange and 14 days sale or return. Remember Vibholm Guld og Sølv has nationwide exchange service.


Merkurvej 1e

7400 Herning

Opening hours

01 Jan 20 / 01 Jan 24


10:00 - 19:00


10:00 - 16:00


11:00 - 16:00

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