Skulpturparken (The Sculpture Park)

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The Sculpture Park was planned by the landscape gardener C. Th. Sørensen, which is one of the leading landscape gardeners in Denmark. There is a bust of him at the intrance to the Geometrical Gardens. 

Birk Centerpark

7400 Herning


The circular park is landscaped at the same time as Angligården in 1965. 

The Sculpture Park presents works of many kinds of material and illustrates the chosen artists' individual expression. Several of the art pieces are created in Herning, while the artists were invited here by Bitten and Aage Damgaard to work with the art. 

Free admission to the park.    


Birk Centerpark

7400 Herning

Opening hours

01 Jan 20 / 31 Dec 22


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