Skjern River

The area around Skjern Å offers unique outdoor experiences and invites you to exciting activities. At Skjern Å, anglers have the unique possibility of catching the famous "Skjern Å-salmon”, which have been in the area since the last ice age 10.000 years ago.

Skjern Å is a breathtaking area, with scenic surroundings and a lot of local stories to dive into.  

Herning Municipality is the landowner of the south side of Skjern Å in Sdr. Felding. There is free fishing with fishing rods from 16 April to 15 October on the marked stretch.

Minimum size, closed seasons and the Order of fishing in Skjern river system must be obeyed. Fish caught that are under the minimum size must be released back to the water as soon as possible. Salmon is protected in the municipal area.

A fishing license is a must:

Skjern Å Sammenslutning – Mandatory fishing regulations

The fishing season takes place from the 16th of April to 15th of October. Fishing on the State’s fishing waters and Borris Fiskeriforenings fishing waters is only allowed in the period from 1,5 hours before sunrise to 1,5 hours after sunset. 

Fishing license:

  • Fishing in Skjern River system at SÅS is only permitted with: a special Salmon ticket called “Laksekontingent”, fishing license and the State Angler Fishing License. 


  • It is only permitted to use one hook on the line: a single-, double- or triple-hook. The hook must be barbless or with barbs completely removed.
  • When you use worm as bait natural bait or bait with smell, you may only use circle hook without a barb. A circle hook is defined so, that the tip of the hook must be perpendicular to the shaft of the hook. The offense will cause 1-year exclusion from fishing in Skjernaa water system. 
  • Shrimps and roe (fish eggs) are forbidden by law in Skjern River system.
  • When you have caught one salmon (except kelt), it is not allowed to fish with worm as natural bait or bait with smell.


  • The quota is divided in 2 size groups, each will be closed, when it is used up. One for the group of salmons over 70 cm and one for the group of salmons on 70 cm and below. The length of the fish is measured from the nosetip to endpoint of the tail. When the maximum size limit is introduced, it can be found on the website
  • When 90% of the quota in both size groups is exhausted, the quota in the west part of the river system will be closed. The rest of the quota may only be caught upstream: the railway bridge in Vorgod River, Tarp Bridge in Skjern River and Vester Ringvej in Omme River.
  • There is a limit on 1 killed salmon per person per year, as long as the quota within the 2 size groups is not exhausted. Offense will cause exclusion from fishing in Skjernaa water system this year and the following year.

Catch reports:

  • All salmon and seatrout caught must be recorded per registration envelope or online at www.skjerna... under “Fangstrapporter” within 4 days after the catch. Registration by envelope must be online 7 days after the catch.
  • There is a bag limit of 1 killed seatrout per person per year (SÅS request for catch & release because the population is low).

For more information please visit Skjern Å Sammenslutningens website

Fishing folder - Herning Municipality