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DGI-Huset consists of a large water culture area which design is based on the ideas behind DGI-byen in Copenhagen. In addition there are a number of activity rooms and a large fitness area. On the roof an outdoor activity area for i.a. tennis  and outdoor fitness has been made.

Kousgaards Plads

7400 Herning

DGI-Hotel consists of 152 ultra-modern rooms and a direct indoor connection to MCH Herning Kongrescenter.

The bright rooms are spread over six floors and decorated with floor to ceiling windows and ash parquet floors. Bathrooms are stylish with white tiles, steel and black granite.

Hotel DGI-huset is always closed the 24th to the 26th of December and the 31st of December to the 1st of January.

Dogs are not allowed at the hotel.

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Video - DGI Huset Herning


Kousgaards Plads

7400 Herning


Number of hotel rooms (152)

Gratis wifi

City centre/downtown

Course Certified

Internet in room

Between151 and 300 persons


Internet access in public areas


Between 101 and 150 persons



Between 50 and 100 persons

Lobby bar

Between 1 and 49 persons


Number of meeting rooms (5)


Fitness room


Indoor swimming pool

Car parking

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