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Merkurvej 1

7400 Herning

You will find everything you need in the shopping mall herningCentret. With 80 stores, you will find something for every taste.

herningCentret accommodates both your every day needs and your needs for luxury. HerningCentret hosts a variety of exciting events throughout the year and offers great experiences for the entire family due to its great shops, appetizing restaurants and top facilities. In 2017, herningCentret was named the centre in Denmark with the best events in Denmark.


All year round the centre is packed with events and exhibitions – especially for the children. This means that your shopping trip can be made even more fun with experiences like a dragon exhibition, super hero exhibition, back to nature, LEGO building days and much more. Check herningcentret.dk for current events and exhibitions.

Open every Sunday each month from 11am - 4pm.

The restaurants and cafés have extended opening hours. See more at hernincentret.dk

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Merkurvej 1

7400 Herning

Opening hours

01 Jan 20 / 01 Jan 22


10:00 - 19:00


10:00 - 16:00


11:00 - 16:00

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