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Hella Joof - Tro, Håb & Kærlighed

Tuesday 10 September 2024 at 7.00 PM.

Let yourself be carried away by Hella Joof's new exuberant lecture 'Tro, Håb & Kærlighed' when she visits MCH Herning Kongrescenter on 10 September 2024.

In his brand new lecture, the popular and well-loved lecturer talks about settling in life, and about everything we think we can't do - but which we might well be able to do if we look hard enough. About being in a world that is a bit challenged and hoping it will work out.

But is hope even a good strategy, or is love the only way out of the mess? So there is plenty to take in when Hella Joof visits MCH Herning Kongrescenter in autumn 2024, where the audience will be treated to a laugh-out-loud and life-wise evening in good company.