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Gødstrup Lake

Gødstrup Lake is a shallow watered lake and approx. 45 ha. The lake is at its deepest point approx. 4m. The lake is surrounded by markings, hedgerows, meadows, woods, and thickets.

Herning Municipality is the owner by the northern part of Gødstrup lake. It is free to fish with a fishing rod from the shore at the marked section in period 1.May to the 30. March.

Minimum size and closed seasons must be held. Fish under the minimum size must be released as soon as possible. The pike is protected in April and big pikes must as far as possible be set back to the lake.

There is only permission to fish from sunrise to sunset.

Se more information at www.fvm.dk

An obligatory fishing license is required: www.fisketegn.dk