Gludsted Church

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Gludsted church was one of the first churches to be built in the parishes of the middle and western part of Jutland. Because of the large population flow, and the cultivation of the fields, the pressures to build a church was huge.

Smedebækvej 31B

7361 Ejstrupholm

The making of the church received massive support from the inhabitants of the cities. The locals also played a huge role in the construction of the church. A lot of the materials used, to build the church, are routed in the local community.

The church was finished in 1892, where the first service was held. In 1988 the church underwent a vast restoration.

The church doors are often open on Thursdays from 7.30 am. – 3.30 pm., where it is possible to visit the church.

If there is any doubt, questions or request don’t hesitate to call +45 24 26 22 52.

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Smedebækvej 31B

7361 Ejstrupholm

Opening hours

31 Dec 18 / 31 Dec 20


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