Faurholt Church

Photo: VisitHerning
Faurholt Church was built in 1912 by architect, Victor Gullev. At that time, most Danish churches were built with red bricks. However, Faurholt Church is a white church and thus a beautiful exception.

Ringstrupvej 7

7430 Ikast


Mobile:+45 20628478

In 2003, the church interior underwent a comprehensive restoration, and today, especially the new alter piece as well as the new colours are very note-worthy.  

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If you are interested in visiting the church please call +45 20 62 84 78



Ringstrupvej 7

7430 Ikast

Opening hours

31 Dec 18 / 31 Dec 20

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

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