Luftfoto Herning


Remember to always follow parking instructions as stated on the signs by the city’s parking spaces. They will state how long you are allowed to park, and it is your responsibility to comply with this. Set your parking disc once the car is parked. If you do not have a parking disc, they can be purchased at most petrol stations.

Parking in Herning

Herning City and herningCentret have many public parking spaces. All of them are free, but some of them do have time restrictions. 

Parkering Herning City kort

Available parking spaces in Herning City

Parking in Ikast

There are 556 parking spaces with time restrictions and 267 parking spaces without time restrictions in Ikast.

Parkering Ikast

Parking in Ikast


In Brande, it is never far to the next parking space. Along Storegade, there are parking booths for 30-minute short-term parking.

Parkering Brande

Parking in Brande