VH tourist agency

Who are we?

Photo: Jannie Nyegaard

VisitHerning is the city's tourist agency 
The tourist agency consists of a shop, open to visitors and citizens during business hours where people can collect brochures, and get information on the attractions, activities, restaurants, and accommodation options in the area. 

Central locationVisitHerning is located in the media house of Mediehuset in Østergade 21 in Herning, at the beginning of the high street.

On our website, you can find information about all of the exciting activities and attractions in the area. Book your stay online and read about all of the good restaurants in the cities.

"Like" VisitHerning’s Facebook page and keep track of all of the large events and concerts coming to Herning. Participate in our many competitions and win experiences in Herning. In the past, we have given away tickets for Walking with Dinosaurs, L.O.C., Octoberfest, and “revy” (a show) in Østergaards Hotel in Herning.

Follow VisitHerning on Instagram, where we continuously upload beautiful photos of Herning. If you have the Instagram app on your mobile phone, just search for visitherning and click “follow”. If you take beautiful photos of Herning and the surrounding areas, you can tag them with #visitherning, and they will be automatically shown with our photos, when people search for #visitherning.

VH tourist agency

Photo:Jannie Nyegaard

Download our VisitHerning app on your smartphone to keep all the information you need close at hand. 

To make visitor information available at all times here in Herning, we have installed touchscreens in certain places throughout the city. Now, the city’s visitors can find all the information they need on their tour around Herning. On the touchscreens, you can find information about restaurants, accommodation, attractions, and many other things. 

VisitHerning have installed touchscreens in the following places: 
- Hotel Eyde
- Hotel DGI Huset Herning
- VisitHerning
- MCH Herning Kongrescenter
- Herning City Hotel
- Scandic Regina
- Østergaards Hotel
- HEART - Herning Museum of Contemporary Art
- Danhostel
- Hotel Herning
- MCH Messecenter Herning (2 screens)
- Vildbjerg Sports- & Kulturcenter (Vildbjerg Sport- and Culture Center) 
- Sinatur Hotel Skarrildhus

A member of VisitHerning

Become a member of VisitHerning and see your company included on the website, in the app and on our touchscreens. We have 15,000 to 25,000 visitors to our website each month. For membership, please contact VisitHerning on +45 96 27 22 22.

As a member of VisitHerning, your business will be displayed on our website visitherning.dk/uk as well as in the VisitHerning app in dk/uk, you can place your brochure in our shop, and you will receive a newsletter just for members with lots of information, tips and tricks.

So, if you have a restaurant, café, gallery, museum, B&B or something else, then contact us for more information about a VisitHerning membership.

Read more about a membership in VisitHerning. 

Our booking department is in full control of the capacity of accommodation in the city. If you need help to find accommodation in Herning you can call them on tlf.: +45 96 27 22 27. 

Renting out rooms at your Bed & Breakfast 
If you would like to rent out a room at your Bed & Breakfast, the booking department is the place to go. They rent out rooms for around 40 Bed & Breakfast places in Herning and the surrounding areas. The Bed & Breakfast places are often used to accommodate guests attending large fairs and professional exhibitions that attract a lot people from all over Denmark. At other times, you may be able to get a long-term rental agreement if people who work in the area are far from home and need a place to sleep.

Terms and conditions 
Please make sure you read our Terms and Conditions carefully. We work hard to keep the information on our website up-to-date, and the content as correct as possible, but we cannot guarantee that all of the information is correct and up-to-date, and we are not liable for any errors or omissions. If you discover any errors, please let us know.