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Get a kick in the ice-cold water

Visit Løvbakke Deer Park

Birk Centerpark - art and architecture

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Restaurants in Herning
Fuglsang Sø
Løvbakke Animal Park
Birk Centerpark
Magpie Lane
Fuglsang Sø

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In Herning you can stay at nice hotels, cosy Bed & Breakfast, spacious apartments etc. Take a look at the wide selection.

Enjoy a glass of red wine and a nice steak on one of the restaurants in Herning.

Go for a walk around Fuglsang Sø in Herning. In the summer time it is a great to take a dip in the water and sunbath on the beach.

Visit Birk Centerpark in Herning where you find Carl-Henning Pedersen & Else Alfelts Museum, HEART - Herning Museum of Contemporary Art and the biggest sculpture in Northern Europe Elia.

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