Use the Culture

In Herning and the nearby area there are a lot of possibilities to gather some new fun experiences. Come out in the city and experience i.e. lovely concerts at Fermaten, which is the city’s intimate concert hall. The place is visited both by up and coming new artists as well as known artists.

Dig deeper into Herning’s history, where you get the tale of the areas development from textile industry to an experience industry. In 1840 there were only 204 in habitants in Herning; the number has risen to 3.706 in 1901. In 2014 the number of people living in Herning was 47.765.

Kultur Herning
Fermaten foto Theis Poulsen

Here and now

Take a look at what you can experience in Herning here and now. The city offers concerts, big as well as small, lectures, theatre etc.


In 2013 the city celebrated 100 years jubilee as Market town, so Herning is still a young city. Read more about the history and development from the textile industry to experience industry.

Arkitektur i Herning. Baunekirken


In Birk Centerpark you can experience the architecture of the world famous architect Jørn Utzon and in Tjørring right outside Herning you will be able to find Baunekirken that is nicely renovated. 

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