Skjern Å

The area around Skjern Å offers unique outdoor experiences and invites you to exciting activities. At Skjern Å, anglers have the unique possibility for catching the famous "Skjern Å-salmon”, which has been in the area since the last ice age 10.000 years ago.

Skjern Å is a breathtaking area, with scenic surroundings and a lot of local stories to dive into.  

Blog Riverfisher

Riverfisher is a blog for and by anglers in Central Jutland, primarily with interest in Skjern Å, Karup Å and Storåen. Get tips from the local area and get insight into the beautiful nature experiences. 

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Are you new to the area, we offer a range of local guides. The local guides are all educated, certified and aware of compliance with applicable rules as well as practicing good fishing ethics. 

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Skjern Å offers unique fishing experiences


Sustainable fishing

Fishing should be sustainable, so that we can maintain a good balance between exploiting and protecting, and ensure a healthy fish stock of salmon and seatrout.

Skjern å laksen

Catch the famous Skjern Å Salmon

Book a fantastic trip, with an introduction to fly fishing, spin fishing and casting techniques, and fishing in Skjern Å.

Restaurants and Cafés in Herning

Restaurants and Cafés

Enjoy a glass of red wine and a nice steak at one of the many great restaurants in Herning. It is a good idea to book your table in advance.