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In Herning, everything is possible. This means, that there is room for experimentation, innovation and the development of new and exciting events and arrangements.

We continuously offer different forms of partnerships.

On this site, you can learn more about the arrangements you can join as a partner.

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For further information, contact VisitHerning:

Phone: +45 9627 2222

Become a partner of your own idea

In Herning, everything is possible. Your idea cannot be neither too big nor too small, too different or to classic in its form. 

Networking events

Are you attending a conference in Herning - and do you want to host a networking event?

VisitHerning helpts you organise networking events, that are suited towards your company and wishes.

Why Herning

Why choose Herning as the city for your event, meeting or conference? Find out here!