Around the entire city, Herning, you will find nice parks and nature filled areas, where the entire family can play around and enjoy life.

Sdr. Anlæg is very special, because there is a children’s book written about the secret life of the park.

Natur i Herning
Angling waters near Herning

Angling waters

Take your family angling in the area around Herning and have a great day in the nature. Relax and just enjoy the silence. There are plenty of possibilities for angling around Herning. 

Golf in Herning


Play golf at some of Denmarks most beautiful golf courses. Here you are close to the nature and can feel the peace and quiet.

Canoeing near Herning


Take a trip down Storå from Herning to Holstebro. If you wanna go further you can canoe all the way out to Bur. The whole trip takes 3-4 days and you can sleep in the nature on your way.


Skovsnogen Artspace

Skovsnogen Artspace is an exhibition space which is not defined by walls and roofs, but plays out in the open air - far out - in a forest in west Jutland.

Løvbakke Dyrehave i Herning

Løvbakke Dyrehave (animal park)

Løvbakke animal park was inaugurated the 13th of December 2013. The deer’s’ that moved in came from the disused animal park in Silkeborg.