The MTB-tracks in Herning offers exciting experiences in the outdoors. The tracks is a mix of single tracks and smaller trails in a varied terrain. 

Remember that entering the tracks is at your own risk.



Sinding Plantage

Sinding Plantage has an established 4.6 km mountain bike route. The route consists entirely of singletracks, marked with white arrows and dots.

The trail is for beginners, still with technical elements and a height difference of 19 meters.

The trail is one of the favorites in Herning Municipality, since it is a very good and technical course in beautiful surroundings. 

Map of MTB-track in Sinding


Sinding Kommuneplantage
Merrildvej, 7400 Herning

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Sinding Plantage

At Sinding Plantage you are guaranteed an exciting experience. In the video above, you can see the beautiful surroundings before you enter the track.

Haunstrup Brunkulsleje

In Haunstrup Brunkulsleje there is established a mountain bike route of approximately 6.8 km with technically challenging singletracks.

The area is dominated by forest and sand surfaces which witness to the early lignite extraction in the area. It is a distinctive natural area to run MTB in, and the view of the lakes is great.

Tanderupkærvej 79, 7400 Herning

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Haunstrup Brunkulslejer MTB Singletrack

Track south of Lind

South of Lind, there is established a 3.6 km mountain bike route. The Route consists primarily of singletracks and dirt roads, however, a part of the route is covered with asphalt.

The track is marked all the way around with the red arrow, which shows the main track and the black arrows, indicates the difficult detours.

The trail is not technically difficult with its 10 height meters, however a single step with chickenrun and some short steep descents. Otherwise, most of the track is grass-covered. 

Map of MTB-track in Lind

Gl. Vejlevej, 7400 Herning

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Watch the video and get an insight into the newly built mountainbike tracks in Lind.

Momhøje Nature Center

Momhøje is an 80 hectares large area, which corresponds to 120 football stadiums. 
Part of the land is a former lignite area, which has created the exciting and varied terrain – which is ideal for mountain biking!  
The route is 6.44 km with 140 height meters consisting of 85% singletrack and 15% forest roads. The trail starts from the Momhøje Nature Center's parking lot and runs northwards. The trail is marked with white signs and arrows. 
Kibæk MTB are the primary forces behind the track work in Momhøje.

Map of MTB-track in Momhøje Naturenter

Momhøje Naturcenter
Kibækvej 19, 6933 Kibæk

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Mountainbike - Momhøje

In the video above, Herning Folkeblad shows Momhøje Nature Center's mountainbike track in the context of MTB Challenge 2016.

Mountainbike rally - Sørvad Fodboldgolf

MTB rally for groups.

The activity takes place in a gravel pit.

The tracks have 4 different difficulty levels, so that everyone can participate, regardless of level – practiced as inexperienced.

The event must be pre-booked.

Find more information regarding MTB Rally in Sørvad here 

Klejnstrupvej 5, 7550 Sørvad

Mountainbike - Sørvad Fodboldgolf

In the video above, you get a look at Sørvad Fodboldgolfs mountainbike rally track. The track is built up with different obstacles and challenges along the way.