The name Herning was once synonymous with the textile trade. Everyone knew that Central Jutland was the place where the Danes made their clothes. That is a story that can be traced back to the wandering pedlars of the 16th century and is still alive today among Denmark’s global fashion companies. 

In the 16th century, the moor was a poor area. Therefore, a series of innovative men started to knit socks, or garters as they were called back then. The so-called hosebinders did the knitting, and then the pedlars were in charge of sales. They were entrepreneurs, local men who collected the knitted goods and sold them to buyers from the entire kingdom. In that way the socks from Central Jutland reached consumers in Denmark and Europe. 


More than just a carpet

In 2013, Egetæpper celebrated their 75th anniversary, and even though the company today has offices and production units in several locations around the world, their headquarters is still in Herning.