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This page features photos from Herning and the surrounding area. The photos are property of VisitHerning, and can be downloaded for free for private use and editorial use. Remember to mark pictures with “Photo: The name of the photographer” (if it appears).

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Jyske Bank Boxen - The hockey venue   
Photo: Tony Brøchner, MCH 



City Centre - Off Road Festival
Photo: Carsten Bach


Photo: Tony Brøchner 


Formland Spring 2018
Photo: Tony Brøchner, MCH 


Main Square, Herning
Photo: Tony Brøchner 


Herning industri expo HI
Photo: Tony Brøchner, MCH 


Local ishockey team Herning Blue Fox
Photo: Herning Blue Fox 


Photo: herningCentret 


Søby lignite reserves
Photo: Søby Brunkulsmuseum 


Shopping and events in the city center of Herning
Photo: Tony Brøchner


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Herning Municipality

Additionally, Herning municipality has a photo database where you can find photos from Herning. Find the database here.