The Cultural Routes in Denmark

In the occasion of the European Capital of Culture year, 4 new adventure packed routes in Central Jutland is opened. The Cultural Routes are lined with museums and historical experiences.

The Cultural Routes convey history under each of its theme: The Danish Way of Life, Local Ways to Global Art, World War II and Gods and Myths. 

Explore the area's historical treasures and discover more museums in the whole of Central Jutland.

Danish Way of Life

In the second half of the 20th century Denmark was a country in a state of constant development. Prosperity was growing, consumer patterns changed, and with full employment women began to enter the labour market.

Local Ways to Global Art

Stories about what a small number of locals with the right inclination and focus can accomplish are presented for you at the harbour in Ebeltoft.

World War II

The Germans were active in most parts of Denmark, including the part of Jutland which is today the Central Denmark Region.

Gods & Myths

Scattered across the landscape are traces from the fascinating history of Central Jutland. Some are still there to be seen, while others are hidden underground.