Bohéme Wine

Great wine and company
Do you want it simple and totally uncomplicated, Bohéme Wine is a great suggestion of where you should spend an evening.

Tasteful wines to a fair price as well as good and personal service – Bohéme Wine is a real wine bar. Even if the staff tells you about each wines great qualities, you will not find any wine snobbery here. Here they have wine for everyone and the experience is quite uncomplicated even for wine rookies.

When entering the door you will be met of nice music, that is not louder than you can lead a conversation across the table. All around the room is filled with shelves with all kinds of selected wines and delicacies.

And if you taste something special at the wine bar, you can buy it at Bohéme Wine, so you can serve it at home at your next dinner party.

Wine tasting
Bohéme Wine arranges wine tastings, both in their rooms, at your company or in your private home. Contact Bohéme Wine to get an offer and to book a tasting.


Opening hours / Date

01/01/2018 - 31/12/2019 Tuesday - Thursday 15:00 - 22:30
01/01/2018 - 31/12/2019 Friday 14:00 - 01:00
01/01/2018 - 31/12/2019 Saturday 13:00 - 01:00

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Østergade 29
7400 Herning




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    • Outdoor seating



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Latitude : 56.1357730696