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EM women's handball 2020

Women's EHF EURO 2020 Handball

Photo: EHF

The Women's EHF EURO 2020 is played from 3 to 20 December. The host cities are Kolding, Denmark and Herning, Denmark. Herning will host the final weekend.

Monday 23 November 2020 it was confirmed that Denmark will host all groups of the Women's EHF EURO 2020 which are played from 3 to 20 December 2020. 

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Jyske Bank Boxen is the venue in Herning. The second venue is the Sydbank Arena in Kolding, which will host the team's preliminary round groups C and D and one main round group. The final weekend will be played in Herning. 

Norway and Denmark were supposed to host the championship, but due to the current health situation in Norway, they decided to not host the event.  

Fun fact, Herning and Jyske Bank Boxen are the first city and arena in the world to have hosted the four great handball championships: the European Championships and the World Championships for both women and men. Thus, the European Championship in December 2020 will mark the 10th anniversary of the first time a big competition was held in Jyske Bank Boxen.

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Herning will host the teams of

Group A
France, Denmark, Montenegro, Slovenia

Group B
Russia, Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic 

One main round group and the final weekend will also be played in Herning.


Kolding will host the teams of

Group C
Netherlands, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia

Group D
Romania, Norway, Germany, Poland

These two groups were originally set to be played in Trondheim, Norway.
Main round group II will also be played in Kolding.

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Photo: Lars Møller, MCH

One great event

In Herning, we are looking forward to once again being the Danish hosts of a large, international handball championship. We hosted the Men’s World Handball Championship in January 2019, at which the Danish national team convincingly won the gold medal.

- We are proud that DHF once again chose Herning to be the host city of such a great, international tournament. It will be the fifth time in ten years that the home ground for a Danish national handball team will be at Jyske Bank Boxen and it is always a pleasure to experience the commitment of DHF, and of the players, of course. We look forward to hosting a great party for people from all over the country in December 2020, says the mayor of the Municipality of Herning, Lars Krarup.

Of course, the return visit also brings joy to MCH A/S, who run Jyske Bank Boxen.

- A big congratulations to DHF and Denmark for yet another big tournament. We love handball and championships and we rejoice in the fact that DHF has once again put such trust in us, says Georg Sørensen, CEO of MCH A/S, and he reiterates:

- We look forward to welcoming the international teams and the fans, and we will do our best to create a home ground for all of Denmark in close collaboration with DHF and the Municipality of Herning.


Overview of handball tournaments held in Herning

January-February 1978: Men’s World Handball Championship
The ninth (indoor) World Handball Championship and the first one held in Denmark. The championship was played in 23 different cities scattered across almost the entire country, including Herning, where the matches were played in the round B hall in MCH Messecenter Herning.

December 1996: Women’s European Handball Championship
Was played in four Danish cities. Among others, the semi-finals, placement matches, and the final were all played in the round B hall in MCH Messecenter Herning. This was where Denmark won against Norway.

December 2010: Women’s European Handball Championship
Norway and Denmark were joint hosts, and the matches were played in three cities. The main round (group 1), the semi-finals, the bronze match and the final (which saw Norway win against Sweden), were played in the newly-built Jyske Bank Boxen.

January 2014: Men’s European Handball Championship
Was played in four Danish cities, including Herning, which was the home ground for Denmark’s matches during the initial round and the main round. The semi-finals and the final (which saw France beat Denmark), were played in Jyske Bank Boxen.

December 2015: Women’s World Handball Championship
The matches were played in four Danish cities. Denmark’s matches and the final play-off matches were played in Jyske Bank Boxen, when Norway won against Holland in the final.

January 2019: Men’s World Handball Championship
Germany and Denmark were joint hosts. Jyske Bank Boxen hosted 14 out of 15 matches in Denmark’s initial group, including four out of Denmark’s five matches and all nine matches in the Danish main-round group, and placement matches for the 5th and 8th place, including the bronze match and the final.


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