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Vester Palsgaard Forest Museum - Closed

We at Museum Midtjylland have had to make the difficult decision to stop our activities at Vester Palsgaard Skovmuseum, and the museum is therefore closed to the public from spring 2023.

In connection with the work with Museum Midtjylland's new strategic plan in 2022, we have analyzed the operation of our museums in Ikast-Brande Municipality. The fundamental challenge is the day-to-day operations, where a disproportionately large part of the basic grant goes to maintaining the buildings as well as consumption expenses and expenses for proper storage of objects.

In the future, we want to spend fewer resources on building operations and instead work to ensure that as many citizens and tourists as possible experience the cultural history where they live and stay.

Among other things through 'The rolling museum', where our ambition is to bring our communication and objects out to the local communities. Initially with relevant and appropriate offers at the municipality's primary schools.

During 2023, the museum's staff will review the collection at Vester Palsgaard Forest Museum, most of which will be moved to storage. A group of volunteers is working to establish a local history exhibition elsewhere in the area in collaboration with Museum Midtjylland.

The Local History Archive is still open on Thursdays but will move out of the building during the year. The building is owned by the Norwegian Forest and Nature Agency, which takes over the operation of the building as of 1 January 2024.

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