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Torben Chris - Madman

Friday 4th April 2024 at 9.00PM. 

Funny man with attitudes. This is how you can present the popular comedian from Give, Torben Chris, who on 4 April 2024 will occupy MCH Herning Kongrescenter with his new one-man show, 'GALning'. Throughout his 20 years in Danish comedy, Torben Chris has proven that he belongs among the top of Danish stand-ups, and in the new one-man show 'GALning', the audience can once again experience the 46-year-old Midtjøde's attitude-filled jokes beyond the edge of the stage.

His goal is to achieve a better and more enjoyable world, and he does his part to contribute to that coming true. The cornerstone of Torben Chris's humor is logic, but in a world where feelings are increasingly taken into account rather than logic-based argumentation, one can easily come across as grumpy and slightly mad with one's humorous attitudes. That is why the show has of course been given the appropriate title 'GALning'.