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Svend Brinkmann - THINK

Monday 22 May 2023 7 PM.

We need to think better, not less. This is the starting point for Svend Brinkmann's enlightening and entertaining lecture at MCH Herning Kongrescenter on 22 May 2023. Here the popular psychology professor, author and radio host brings his brand new lecture, 'Think', which offers entertaining observations and sharp considerations in defense of the thoughtful lives in a thoughtless time. The lecture is based on Svend Brinkmann's latest book 'Think', which invites the reader to live a more thoughtful life.

As humans, we are capable of both deep and critical thinking, but it can be difficult to find the time and space to do so. Because in the modern acceleration society we live in, we must constantly produce, consume and optimise. And when we are not busy with it, we are bombarded with impressions from the media, advertising and social media. We are always 'on', so when can we actually think? Many are currently looking towards the Eastern tradition of meditation and mindfulness, where it is about being present and thinking less. Svend Brinkmann turns it all upside down and instead unfolds the possibilities for thinking better based on the tradition of Western philosophy. Because thinking better is essential for a good life, he believes.

In addition to being a psychology professor and researcher at Aalborg University, Svend Brinkmann, who started his childhood in Herning, has for many years been an active voice in the public debate. The articulate professor has a long list of popular book publications behind him, including the bestselling trilogy 'Stå fast', 'Ståsteder' and 'Gå glip'. He is also known as a radio host, including with his own program 'Brinkmanns Briks' on P1, and in addition as a diligent columnist and lecturer. Svend Brinkmann has received many awards, including DR's mediating award 'Rosenkjærprisen' and 'Gyldendal's mediating award' for his ability to convey the complicated so that we all understand it and can relate to it.

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