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SIRIUS - Den Umulige Historie

27 September 2023.

When you watch a documentary, you might not consider what the conditions were like for the filming of it. One of the documentaries filmed under particularly difficult conditions is the series 'Sirius' on DR1, which gives a unique insight into nature, history and very challenging working conditions and living conditions in remote areas. You can now get a unique insight into this with the lecture 'SIRIUS - THE IMPOSSIBLE HISTORY'.

For the documentary series 'Sirius', the small, Danish military special unit Sirius patrol follows, which high in the north, in the uninhabited Greenland National Park, which covers the whole of Northeast Greenland, patrols all year round, in the winter with dog sleds. The patrol, which consists of 12 men and approximately 69 dogs, has existed since 1950 and aims to enforce Danish sovereignty and monitor the 16,000 km. long, uninhabited coastline.

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