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Predictions by Jan Hellesøe - Ekstra Show

Thursday 19. January 2023 8 PM.  

Popular Jan Hellesøe manipulates and entertains with an extra show in Herning.

Experience psychological manipulation and entertainment at the very highest level when Denmark's most skilled manipulation expert Jan Hellesøe makes his way past MCH Herning Kongrescenter with an extra show on 19 January 2023.

The demand for tickets to the show 'FORECASTS' has been so great this autumn that Jan Hellesøe is putting on another show in Herning. You may have already become acquainted with Jan Hellesøe in the DR programs 'Fuckr med dn hjerne', 'Manipulator' and most recently the viewer success 'I hjernen på stjernen', which left us all wide-eyed and made us think: How what the hell did he do?

Now you have the opportunity to experience the opaque manipulator perform his seductive impossibilities live on stage in Herning. The show is dubbed 'PREDICTIONS' because there are many exciting facets to the expression. Because what would you predict if you could? And is there anything you wouldn't know if you could predict it?

In other words, you can look forward to a mysterious and subtle evening full of entertainment, surprises and brain magic in the company of the always well-placed showman Jan Hellesøe.

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